Visual Acuity Test




    Free Visual Acuity test that will help you detect problems with your vision, and identify the most common eye issues.

    Test your vision anywhere you want. It is easily accessible, so you can keep track of your eyesight and maintain good vision at all times.

    The Visual Acuity test is mostly applicable for:
    • Personal vision screening to check vision improvement progress
    • General eye exam to check if a doctor's visit is required
    • Convenience of home eye test
    • Vision tests at schools, pre-schools or other similar institutions
    • Patients with macular degeneration for daily vision monitoring
    • Prevention of eye diseases and conditions

    The Visual acuity test features:
    • Visual Acuity Test
    Snellen eye test, LogMAR chart, Golovin–Sivtsev table, Landolt C / Japanese Vision Test, Tumbling E chart
    • Astigmatism Test
    • Glasses Check

    Download Visual Acuity app and take your comprehensive eye exam!

    This application is not intended to replace ophthalmologist's regular full examination.
    We recommend you get a full eye exam after using it.

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