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    The Vocal Workout Timer allows you to easily manage your workout with an audio and/or visual cue as the timer counts down on the screen. With this app you can decide the number of workout sets with a length in seconds, and how long you want your rest periods between to be in seconds as well. I made this app so I would try to be more consistent with my weight lifting workouts. Normally I only did short workouts without taking a break, but I think this app will help me do more now. I hope you too can benefit from the effort I put into creating this. The audio is optional, so you can disable that if you prefer. Otherwise I think it is helpful, so you don't have to keep watching your phone's screen as you workout. Each screen includes a simple help text. The last workout setting is saved, so you can easily re-select that at a future time.

    I received this nice email from one of my users:
    Hi Scott, the app works great. I was gonna come up with something the same but found yours. I have to do kegel exercises because of a prostate problem. I think this app will make doing this easier, thanks, Tim PS: I will let my urologist know about it.

    I'm glad this app is already benefiting others!

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