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    Mobile activity measurement (Pedometer) applications!!

    Without any other equipment, this application is operating with the smart phone’s Accelerometer and GPS to measure the amount of activity

    1) Application use
    - Obesity diet
    - Geriatric diseases prevention for elderly people
    - Exercise prescription of sports centers
    - Health management of health center
    - Health management of corporate employees
    - Health management for students of school and education institution
    - Health management of children
    - Route check of children
    - Route check on yesterday of befuddler
    - Route check of outdoor patroller

    2) Function
    (1) Display the activity information in real-time
    - Display the steps, calories, duration, route(Google Map),
    (2) Save the exercise record of case by case and daily
    - Display the exercise history, route(Google Map), graph
    - Display the activity graph
    (3) Set of weight loss plan
    - Set of exercise period and target weight
    - Display the daily/week weight loss record and achievement rate
    (4) Setting
    - Set of basic information
    - Set of personal stride
    - Set of sensor sensitivity

    3) Measurement methods
    - Measure put on your smart phone in pants pocket
    - Measure put on your smart phone in your bag
    - Measure holding your smart phone in your hand
    - Measure by using a arm band

    4) Precautions
    - If your phone be switched sleep mode (screen lock), some smart phones may not be possible to measure