Weight Loss Hypnosis 4 Dieters

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    Lose weight with this specifically designed Weight Loss Hypnosis program for those on a diet. It will motivate you to stick to a diet, change your thoughts and behaviours whilst also allowing you to enjoy the whole process!
    Not only is this a Powerful weight Loss hypnotherapy recording by itself but, also contains subliminal commands embedded in the audio making it far more effective than many other hypnosis recordings in helping you to lose weight easily. Hypnosis makes real physical changes in the brain which has the effect of changing our thoughts, feelings and behaviours automatically!
    This recording offers you a choice of waking up at the end or carrying on to a nice deep sleep if you were intending to go to sleep for the night.
    Steve is one the worlds most effective and established specialist hypnotherapists. He specialises in Sports and body conditioning hypnosis.
    This application downloads completely to your phone or card so you’ll be able to listen to it as often as you like without having to ‘stream it’ through the internet costing you band width and internet charges which most other hypnosis apps require!