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Weight Loss Hypnosis Set

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    This 2 audio hypnosis set from Tom Nicoli are the same audios that he used on Dateline NBC to help a pastry chef lose 4 pounds.

    People in over 40 countries have used these audios to lose weight.

    Audio 1: Healthy Habits for Weight Loss
    Healthy Habits lead to weight loss but knowing it doesn't make it easy to do... until now. Diets don't work but Healthy Habits do and now there is a way for you to feel like wanting to choose healthier food, feel better about yourself and lose that extra unhealthy weight.
    Not only will you create Healthy Habits but enjoy doing it. Remove the struggle and feel the freedom of releasing fat and excess weight. It's exactly what you've been needing and waiting for.

    This audio download was one of the self hypnosis audios used by Marc on the Dateline NBC Diet Challenge to lose 40 pounds. Alternate listening daily to Healthy Habits and End Emotional Eating as he did to gain that "one two" punch to a healthier life.

    Audio 2: End Emotional Eating
    All eating when not feeling hunger is emotional. It can be motivated by boredom, anxiety, stress, loneliness, pleasure and a list of other emotions. This audio to end emotional eating to lose weight also motivates you to stop repeating stored eating patterns from the past.

    Listen and watch how the changes begin to let your emotions be what motivate you to be healthier and happier. The past has passed and your future starts now.

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