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    Weight Loss Tactics

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    Losing weight is simple; lose more calories than you can eat. We eat because it is a necessity. The food we consume will be processed by our body, breaking them down and only keeping what is needed while throwing out the rest. Our body only needs a certain amount of calories and all the unused calories will be stored in our body as fat.
    The problem with our body is there is no way to tell it to stop storing calories. All excess calories will be converted into fat no matter how much fat you have in your body already. So a diet is supposed to help you lose those extra calories.
    A diet is an eating plan where you would control the amount of calories taken. Eating less is not the only way to diet. Since the goal is to eat fewer calories, you can have constant food but it is low on calories. So food like fruits or vegetables is low on calories if you compare it on the same amount with other food like meat.
    When you are dieting, you will be eating less than normal. So you would feel hungrier throughout the day and feel more unsatisfied when you finish your meal. It cannot be avoided since you are after all trying to lower your calorie intake. Do not be mistaken with skipping meals or starving yourself. Those will only worsen your diet conditions.
    When you are on a diet, don't think that you will be having water and vegetables to last for the whole day. Diet actually promotes eating a balance meal. You only want to have a lower calorie count but the rest of the nutrients shouldn't be ignored.

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