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    ★ Reach Your Ideal Weight Using The Easiest Weight Tracking App In The World! ★

    Weight Tracker lets you track your weight every day on your Android phone or tablet and syncs your weight data to the cloud. It has a beautiful, clean interface you'll look forward to using every day.

    Weight Tracker Calculates
    ✓ Your highest weight
    ✓ Your lowest weight
    ✓ Your total weight change since you started
    ✓ Your current & best streaks of days you have weighed in

    Benefits of Weight Tracker
    ✓ It only tracks your weight once a day -- no need to feel like you need to weigh in multiple times
    ✓ Offers the option to set a daily reminder (notification alert) in case you forget to weigh-in
    ✓ Simple and attractive interface that's fun to use
    ✓ Tracking your weight every day gives you timely feedback on what's working
    ✓ Your weigh-ins are stored in the cloud safely and securely
    ✓ You can use Weight Tracker from multiple devices

    Weight Tracker is the mobile app for

    Weight Tracker is a subscription-based weight tracking tool with a free 30-day trial, so sign up, give it a try, and reach your goal weight!

    NOTE: The app name/label in the application list is 'Weigh-In' because 'Weight Tracker' is too long!

    In order to provide a better experience accessing your information over the Internet this permission allows the app to determine if you have an Internet connection, either via Wi-Fi or cellular data (3G, 4G, LTE).
    The Weight Tracker app is an extension of so it stores and accesses your information on
    This is used to setup daily weigh-in reminders after your device reboots.

    This app was lovingly designed by Retro Mocha. We are two guys building apps that we think need to exist. Made in the good ol' United States of America.
    Twitter @RetroMocha

    1.5.1 (version code 11)
    • Bug fix.
    1.5.0 (version code 10)
    • Weight is now 100% free. It is no longer a subscription service with a 30-day free trial. It is free to use forever. Removed in-app purchase because Weight Tracker is 100% free.
    1.4.1 (version code 9)
    • Tweaked in-app purchase.
    1.4.0 (version code 8)
    • Added Fortumo in-app purchase option.
    1.3.0 (version code 7)
    • Added a weigh-in reminder/notification that will notify you if you forget to weigh-in. Alter this setting on the Account screen.
    1.2.0 (version code 6)
    • UI tweaks
    • Account screen now includes ability to contact support via Twitter and email
    • added button to easily rate Weight Tracker in Google Play
    1.1.3 (version code 5)
    • changed app name shown on device to 'Weigh-In'
    1.1.2 (version code 4)
    • better error messages when not connected to the Internet
    • added more validation around sign up
    • fixed crash when checking for Internet connection
    1.1.1 (version code 3)
    • signing up no longer requires confirming via email, the app is ready to use after signing up
    • fixed issue with some manufacturer keyboards not showing the period character when weighing in
    1.1.0 (version code 2)
    • fixed layout issues with smaller screens
    • updated icon
    • removed redundant sign in alert
    • fixed alert shown for new user with no weigh-ins
    1.0.0 (version code 1)
    • initial release

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