Weight/Strength Training

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    Strength Training and Weight Lifting:

    Learn the basics of low-weight, high-repetition strength training with Becky as she takes you through a 4 week progressive program teaching you the basics about strength training and the different ways there are to gain muscle, increase strength and super charge your metabolism! Lose weight fast working out with your very own personal trainer – Becky!

    In this Strength Training Workout bundle, Becky instructs carefully and comprehensively and encourages you to focus on your form every step of the way.  The clear instruction is aimed at all fitness levels, with exercises for all major muscle groups. Let this program be an instructional guide as well as a challenging series of workouts.  You'll need dumbbells, a body bar, and resistance bands. 

    Strength Training and Weight Lifting by Becky is geared for people of all ages and is designed to give you the confidence with weights and strength training both at home and in the gym. It teaches the proper technique, form and vocabulary while working all areas of the body including legs, glutes, back, abdominals, chest and arms.

    Remember, Train Hard or Go Home!

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