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    Thirsty?! Don't want to buy bottled water? Find the nearest drinking water fountain!

    Want to add the location of a fountain to a map accessible to everyone? Use the "add a fountain" function.

    Where have all our drinking water fountains gone? They have been disappearing, one by one, from our public spaces, parks and offices. The WeTap app draws on the world's largest database of drinking water sources, enabling you to find the nearest drinking fountains, map new ones, and to report broken fountains so they can be fixed.

    Safe, free drinking water used to be common: we all used public water fountains and bottled water was unheard of. Now too many fountains are missing, dirty, or broken. The average American now drinks nearly thirty gallons of commercial bottled water per year, up from just gallon in 1980, creating plastic waste, wasting energy and costing a tremendous amount of money.

    It is time for a water fountain renaissance. Our goals including helping people get a drink, and to encourage public agencies to place new fountains in high demand areas such as downtown areas. Because this is a beta-test version, we encourage feedback. What do you like? What works or doesn’t work? Do you have download or operational issues? Please contact us by email: We cannot reply or help via marketplace comments.

    If you've been drinking out of plastic, we encourage you to take the tap water taste challenge. Tap water wins blind taste tests in region after region. Use the app to help others discover the taste of the tap. A few quick clicks and you can mark a fountain as working or broken, and help the next person out.

    Valuing tap water – both the quality and access – is an important step to ensure our water remains safe, tasty, and protected. For more information, visit

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