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    White Noise Pro - Sound Effects to Relax, Sleep and Study is the leading free white noise sound effects app that will help you relax, study, meditate or sleep. White Noise Pro - Sound Effects to Relax, Sleep and Study features dozens of free high quality pro HD sound white noise effects that beat any other app for the same price.

    What our users are saying about White Noise Pro - Sound Effects to Relax, Sleep and Study:

    “I’m in college and I use White Noise Effects when I study for tests, or when I need something to help me sleep” Elaine - Grand Rapids, Michigan

    “Work leaves me stressed out and tired. When I come home I grab a beer and turn on White Noise Pro” Dennis - Mill Valley, California

    “When I need a romantic ambiance, I turn on White Noise Pro” - Dave, Green Bay, Wisconsin

    White Noise Pro - Sound Effects to Relax, Sleep and Study white noise effects include:

    -Beach Waves
    -Chirping Crickets
    -Electric Fan
    -Meditation Zen
    -Rain Shower
    -White Noise
    -Whind Chimes

    Plus our Premium Sounds:
    - Airplane
    - Busy City
    - Cave Winds
    - Clock
    - Crackling Fire
    - Guitar
    - Outer Space
    - Night Song
    - Purring Cat
    - Rainforest

    Other features include a sleep timer alarm clock, beautiful high res images for each sound, volume controls, and much more. Our audio quality is the best out there, and we are the choice of professional mixers worldwide.

    No other Android app has near the selection or quality of sounds as White Noise Pro - Sound Effects to Relax, Sleep and Study

    From Wikipedia

    Practical applications
    White noise is commonly used in the production of electronic music, usually either directly or as an input for a filter to create other types of noise signal. It is used extensively in audio synthesis, typically to recreate percussive instruments such as cymbals which have high noise content in their frequency domain.
    Electronics engineering
    Whitenoise is also used to obtain the impulse response of an electrical circuit, in particular of amplifiers and other audio equipment. It is not used for testing loudspeakers as its spectrum contains too great an amount of high frequency content. Pink noise is used for testing transducers such as loudspeakers and microphones.
    To set up the equalization for a concert or other performance in a venue, a short burst of white or pink noise is sent through the PA system and monitored from various points in the venue so that the engineer can tell if the acoustics of the building naturally boost or cut any frequencies. The engineer can then adjust the overall equalization to ensure a balanced mix.
    White noise is used as the basis of some random number generators. For example, uses a system of atmospheric antennae to generate random digit patterns from white noise.
    Tinnitus treatment
    White noise is a common synthetic noise source used for sound masking by a tinnitus masker. White noise machines and other white noise sources are sold as privacy enhancers and sleep aids and to mask tinnitus. Alternatively, the use of an FM radio tuned to unused frequencies ("static") is a simpler and more cost-effective source of white noise. However, white noise generated from a common commercial radio receiver tuned to an unused frequency is extremely vulnerable to being contaminated with spurious signals, such as adjacent radio stations, harmonics from non-adjacent radio stations, electrical equipment in the vicinity of the receiving antenna causing interference, or even atmospheric events such as solar flares and especially lightning.

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