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X iAssessNTeach1-Autism Series

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    X iAssessNTeach1-Autism Series

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    ♦ You will need Wi-Fi connectivity to download and use this app.

    ♦ Please install Adobe Air on your device before launching the app. You can download the latest version of Adobe Air from below link.

    App best viewed in portrait mode

    ♦ This app is a great assessment tool for professionals and parents involved in the education of children with autism spectrum disorder. It addresses specific needs of young learners (0-3) on the autism spectrum.

    The app systematically assesses skill areas in all domains. The result of assessments can be used for establishing IEP goals for the individual.

    iAssessNTeach 1 is based on Eden Autism Services' Infant and Toddler Assessment and Curriculum protocol for skills acquisitions. EAS has been a leader among autism research and services organizations since 1975.


    ◘ Each registered user (Evaluator) can assess multiple students

    ◘ Each student can have multiple assessments

    ◘ Each assessment has multiple programs or skill sets

    ◘ Each program includes skills from a specific domain

    ◘ Each skill lists expected behavior for 3 categories – Achieved, Partial, Not In Repertoire

    ◘ The evaluator records observation

    ◘ Assessments results can be tracked

    ◘ Goals are automatically set based on assessment results

    ◘ The app is designed and developed by WebTeam Corporation (WTC). WTC offers innovative technology in the field of special education.

    ***About WebTeam Corporation***

    Incorporated in 2005, WebTeam Corporation is a Somerset-based mobile application development firm that has pioneered the development of ColorsKit, an autism management toolkit comprising screening, assessment and intervention apps. ColorsKit helps parents, teachers, health care experts, researchers and other stakeholders worldwide efficiently manage the entire life-cycle of autism from infancy to adulthood and employment.

    Apps for autism intervention are one of the key components of ColorsKit. These apps replicate individualized autism services on mobile devices, thereby making these necessary services available to the under-served population globally, especially in countries that lack the expertise necessary to tackle autism efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.
    WebTeam’s proprietary technology was awarded by Verizon in the 2013 Powerful Answers Award competition. WebTeam’s enterprise solution addresses the entire life cycle of autistic individuals – from screening and education to building vocational skills leading to employment and improving opportunities for mainstreaming.

    WebTeam’s holistic approach to autism management allows caregivers and other stakeholders to collect and share data efficiently, thereby fostering effective collaborations that will ultimately solve one of the world’s largest and growing developmental disorders.

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