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    XFiT CrossFit Workout WOD Pink

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    --New Pink Edition--

    Womens XFiT CrossFit Circuit / WOD Workout Generator

    The ONLY fitness app you need!
    "If it doesn't CHALLENGE you, it doesn't CHANGE you"


    -- Instantly create your own CrossFit Circuit or 'WOD'
    -- Over 100,000 unique circuits
    -- Huge variety of exercises using various equipment including, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and movements which involve bodyweight exercises and gymnastic exercises
    -- Detailed description for each exercise
    -- Workout rating
    -- Rest/Rep timer!
    -- Challenge at any fitness level

    XFiT delivers over 100,000 different CrossFit circuit's at your finger tips, providing you with a lifetime of workouts, each guaranteed to challenge at any fitness level. The CrossFit circuits in this application have been professionally developed to provide you with the BEST, most physically CHALLENGING CrossFit routines for OPTIMAL performance. For a unique twist, XFiT will also set the total amount of rounds to be completed! CrossFit is proven to be one of the most effective exercise methods to improve womens physical fitness and athletic performance.

    Each butt kicking workout consists of:

    -- Resistance Training and Weightlifting--
    -- Metabolic Conditioning--
    -- Bodyweight and Gymnastics--
    -- Kettlebells and Equipment--

    Perform each exercise in turn for the designated set of rounds. Rest for 2 minutes between rounds (Average, this can change depending on fitness level).

    *XFiT is not affiliated with CrossFit, Inc

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