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    In this Apps, you will practically find all you need to know about the Candida, and what you can do to get rid of the yeast infection using only natural remedies, and cures.

    Yeast Infection, also known as Candida is one of the most dangerous,and secretive disease that exist nowadays.
    I say exists nowadays, because couple of generations ago The Candida plague was almost non existent.

    Many people suffer from a host of symptoms but are told by Drs. that they can’t find anything wrong with them or are misdiagnosed and put on treatments that are not working for them. The difficulty is that the medical profession denies the existence of candida and therefore cannot treat it. You may find the odd healthcare professional that knows about it and will prescribe something for it.

    For those of you that are not familiar with Candida, this is what it is and it may be what’s bothering you.

    Candida albicans is a natural inhabitant, yeast that lives in your colon. It is a small group of parasites that that co-exists with other microbes and friendly bacteria. It thrives in that toxic putrid, damp waste land. For a normally functioning colon candida is not a problem but if you are chronically constipated and backed up or if your immune system is compromised due to bad diet or over use of antibiotics, then Candida can become over abundant and change into its fungal form that can then escape through the intestinal wall and wreak absolute havoc in other parts of your body and you can experience a whole host of symptoms. It is especially insidious because it can change its form to survive much like certain bacteria can change form and become resistant to antibiotics, Candida can be resistant to antifungal. When Candida begins to proliferate it grows like a weed and sprouts long tendrils that burrow deep into the intestinal walls. This is the beginning of infection and disease. If for some reason Candida gets into your blood stream then the spores get carried along and deposited in another warm moist organ where it takes on a fungal shape and resumes its attack on the host. It can be a formidable enemy that can make your life miserable and it makes it all the more miserable when your doctor has taken a whole battery of tests and tells you there is nothing wrong with you. But you know better! You know how you feel and it is not normal!

    If you have candida, you may experience some or all of these symptoms depending on the severity of this parasitic invasion:

    -constant fatigue
    -sinus problems and lots of mucus
    -interrupted sleep
    -flu like symptoms
    -aches and pains in the joints
    -especially tight neck and shoulder and increased headaches
    -dental problems
    -dark circles under the eyes
    -low grade fever
    -constipation and or diarrhea
    -gas and abdominal bloating
    -mouth and your eyes feel dry
    -unexplained rashes
    -dry brittle hair and nails
    -feeling foggy
    -restless leg syndrome
    -irregular heart beat
    -numbness or tingling in the extremities
    -feeling faint or light headed
    -lack of concentration and short term memory loss
    -shortness of breath
    -sexual dysfunction
    -sugar cravings
    -white coating on the tongue
    -intolerance to smells such as perfume, chemicals and insecticides
    -digestive disorders
    -irritable or easily angered
    -intolerance to alcohol or gluten
    -hay fever
    -ear infections

    These are the most common symptoms reported but there may be others. These symptoms can be moderate to severe.

    In the morning when you wake up, before you do anything else, work up some saliva in your mouth and then spit it into a glass of clean water. Wait for about 30 minutes then check the water. One of four things may happen. If there are strings coming down from the spit floating in the water or if the water is cloudy or speckled then you may have Candida. If you don’t have candida the saliva should just float on top and the water should stay clear.

    I hope this helps!

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