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    Yoga is the best form of exercise, You can do all that you can do in your gym.
    Yoga is the best form of blood purification.
    But Yoga has a lot to offer, probably the best form of exercise and meditation.

    We have got the some of the best and selected channels for you and you can use it as a pocket yoga tool.

    The Video guides available from THE best yoga gurus, namely
    - Baba Ramdev
    - Anand Yogas
    - Shilpa Yoga
    - Laughter Yoga
    - Patanjali Yogas
    - Yoga with Esther Ekhart
    - Bikini Yoga

    You might have no idea about the yoga. You need not worry about that , you can start with the laughter Yoga for 15 days and then follow up with the gurus and leap into the next level

    Aasanas Available :
    Surya Namaskara (aundhakar system),Vipritakarani (inverted pose) , Sarwangasana (shoulder stand) , Ashwini Mudra(horse gesture in shoulder stand),Matsyasana (fish pose),Halasana (plough pose),Naukasana (boat pose),Pawanmuktasan (bent neck),Bhujangasan (with straight hands),Bhujangasana (with bent hands),Shalabhasana (locust pose),Dhanurasana (bow pose),Noukasana (boat pose),Samasana/siddhasan,Padmasana (lotus pose),Aakarna Dhanurasana(bow pose in sitting)
    Aakarna Dhanurasana(bow pose in sitting),Padmasan Yoga Mudra Type 1,Padmasan Yoga Mudra Type 2,Vakrasana Type 1 (twisted pose),Vakrasana Type 2 (twisted pose),Ardha Matsyendrasana(half spinal twist),Sharanagata Mudra (forward bending),Vajrasan Yoga Mudra Type 1,Vajrasan Yoga Mudra Type 2,Paschimottanasana(half forward bend)
    Supta Vajrasana,Veerasana (warrior pose),Trikonasana (triangle pose),Niralamb Bhujangasan(unsupported cobra pose),Niralamb Shalabhasan(unsupported locust pose)
    Halasana - Vistrutapad(plough pose),Karnapeedanasan(folded plough pose),Chakrasana (wheel pose),Simhasana (lion pose),Kukkutasana (cockerel pose),Garbhasana (foetus pose),Padangushtasana(single toe balance pose),Merudandasana (crow pose),Utkatasana (toe balance pose),Tolangulasana (scale pose),Ekapadahastasana(hand to single leg pose),Ugrasana (ferocious pose),Ardhapadmabandhasana(half lotus bound pose),Hansasana (swan pose),Ekapadashirasana(one leg to head pose),Shirshasana (headstand pose)
    Parivarta Trikonasana(inverted triangle pose),Ekpada Hastasana(hand to leg pose)

    This app will also help you in a lot many ways as it has videos for you in order to, yoga for abs, yoga for fat loose, yoga for back, and yoga for back pain, yoga for hips and butt, yoga for chest,
    Yoga for meditation, yoga for stress relieve.

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