Yoga for Positive Health,Phone

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    It’s finally here!! A potent formula for being healthy, happy and wise.
    Yoga for Positive health contains the tutorial for an effective Yoga routine that has scientifically proven techniques for:
    1. Improving Physical strength and stamina.
    2. Toning muscles, strengthening your core and shaping your body.
    3. Increasing immunity and resistance to common ailments.
    4. Maintaining a healthy weight.
    5. Sharpening the mind and improving memory, intelligence and emotional stability.
    Perform this routine regularly to see the positive effects for yourself.
    This routine was developed at SVYASA, a one of kind Yoga research institute in India. Using authentic yoga techniques and western research methodology the routine was put together under the able guidance of Dr. R. Nagarathna and Dr H.R. Nagendra, the founders of SVYASA. The App is based on the Book, “Yoga for Promotion of Positive Health: An introduction booklet of Yoga practices for Promotion of Positive Health”, written by the founders and published by SVYASA.
    Features include:
    - Easy to follow, step-by-step routine beginning and ending in Prayer.
    - HD audio/videos tutorial of Asanas (postures) and each step to perform the asana correctly.
    - Explanation of the benefits of the Asanas and precautionary measures.
    - Explanation of the steps to perform the asana.
    - The theory behind non-communicable (cancer, diabetes, High BP, etc) disease and explanation of the benefits of yoga to alleviate the symptoms of such disease.
    - Selection of favorites and customizing routines.

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