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    A Yoga guide that is well-structured and beautifully designed to assist your home yoga practice.
    Detailed information on postures, sequences, creating sequences and yoga in general.
    MyVinyasa Yoga is suitable for all levels from beginners through intermediate and advanced yogis to the pros as well.

    The Yoga App features:
    72 pre-designed yoga programs.
    Sequence designer for beginner, intermediate and advanced practitioners to create your own yoga classes with the appropriate guidance.
    Ability to edit and save any of the 72 already made yoga sessions and tailor them to your current needs.
    100 different yoga postures including photos, detailed pose descriptions and teaching voice.
    Variations and modifications to many of the postures to suit different ability levels.
    Detailed descriptions of both the physical and spiritual sides of yoga.
    Daily changing quotes to give the well needed spiritual nourishment as well.
    Calendar to keep track of your practices and upcoming yoga events.

    How to use this app:
    The four main menus:
    Vinyasa Yoga contains descriptions that help understand the subject of yoga and provide assistance in practicing and program designing.
    Sequences menu comprises 72 different practice sessions presented by categories to help selecting what is best suited to current needs and levels. Chosen sequences can be edited to add or delete certain poses tailoring them to individual needs. In editing mode you can select pose categories to narrow the amount of poses on screen. Short press will change the side of the pose, or display a variation, while by long press you can drag and drop poses into the sequence. Saved sequences can be retrieved from MyYoga menu.
    Create your sequences menu allows you to design sequences with a few easy steps from start to finish. Read ‘Principles of sequencing’ menu for details. To add left sides to poses, you have to save your created sequence and then open it from MyYoga menu to edit it.
    Postures: all postures contain a large picture, a thorough description with detailed benefits and risk elements and an audio teaching file to help understanding the pose. Some postures also come with variations as an easier version of the classical pose can be more accessible for some with less experience
    The bottom menus:
    Quote: daily changing quotes to keep our mind inspired as well as sometimes that is the kind of practice we need the most. Share your quote with a friend if you think it could be inspirational to them.
    MyYoga: the sequences you create and/or edit will be saved here, so you can access them easily.
    MyLog: this is your practice diary to keep track of you practice sessions and past and future yoga events.
    Discover the world of yoga and enjoy your practice!

    Please note that this application is only an aid for your home practice and intends to provide guidance from another perspective to understand the subject of yoga. It does not replace an experienced teacher and her/his considerate guiding methods.
    The creators of this application do not take any responsibility for any kind of injury that occurs during practice. Please be careful and considerate when practicing and seek assistance if needed in the form of an experienced person.

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    Ian C.

    by Ian C.

    Feb 10, 2016  |  "OK"

    I was expecting something that I could choose poses and the time for each pose, then I could play the sequence to have a voice reminding me when to change. That's not the case, it's a video sequencer, just like all other yoga apps.

    Richard Phillips

    by Richard Phillips

    Aug 05, 2015  |  "Great"

    It's pretty good and useful, my only major gripes being that there's an indications of how long sequences are when choosing them, and that the progress bar for each posture obscures the bottom of the picture so you sometimes can't see some important details. Also the screen doesn't rotate to show a wide-screen option. But pretty good otherwise.

    Pitso Alfred Lephoi

    by Pitso Alfred Lephoi

    Jun 02, 2015  |  "Poor"

    This app is so terrible. There isn't any movement, let alone transitions or videos (just picture frames... whats the point?!). I wanted an app that could take me to the next level, instead I learnt what it means to truly waste money!

    K. Takenya Clark

    by K. Takenya Clark

    May 16, 2015  |  "Great"

    Videos are too tiny.

    Megan Young

    by Megan Young

    May 02, 2015  |  "Good"

    This app is great at teaching the positions and explaining how to do each position. I found though that after a while it freezes on a pose part way through the sequence. This needs to be fixed. Also, the sequences for on the clock should be more varied or have the same options as the theme options just on a time limit.

    Elen Oras

    by Elen Oras

    Aug 14, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    Excellent app, comprehensive, thorough and the design is very pretty. Descriptions seem accurate and the asanas are well executed and photographed. Well done for the many pre-made sequences and great to have your own sequencer. Overall I am happy with it!