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    YoPuedo quit smoking's review

    Published: 2014-03-06, by Janel.

    Keep track of how much better your life is tobacco-free

    • Track the temporal and monetary benefits of quitting
    • Connect with friends for encouragement via social media
    • Feel good about reaching acheivements
    • Many English errors
    • Needs more emphasis on the health benefits

    "Ditch the butts forever"

    Ready to ditch the tumor-causing, teeth-staining, smelly, puking habit? Digital Tappas brings you YoPuedo quit smoking, a set of tools that tracks your tobacco-free progress and encourages you along the way.

    Enter in your ex-smoker's profile with data like when you started and stopped smoking, how much you smoked each day, and how much those packs were costing you. The trackers will begin right away, informing you with each passing second how much money and time you've saved. Reach benchmarks, from 20 minutes without tobacco all the way up to 10 solid years smoke-free. Read advice from psychologists to learn successful quitting strategies, and find motivation in sharing your progress via social networks.

    The Pro version also includes a panic button to immediately access help should you find yourself wanting to relapse, plus more goals and advice. It is also ad-free.

    I'd love more of an emphasis on the health benefits of quitting alongside the savings in time and money. There are also many English errors.

    Still, Digital Tappas' YoPuedo quit smoking is a solid tool in waging your own personal war against tobacco.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Mar 06, 2014


    YoPuedo is a free app that will give you the help you need to quit smoking once and for all. After many struggles, thanks to a positive attitude and the support of the team that developed YoPuedo, you will finally get away from smoke!

    Find out what makes YoPuedo so special:

    ● Check your progress in real time: how long it is since you quitted, how much money you have saved, how much your body has recovered… Your statistics are a key factor for your progress.
    ● Personal profile: create a profile that includes your consumption habits for a proper monitoring.
    ● A funny process: as you go ahead, you will achieve different goals to keep you motivated and check your progress.
    ● Pieces of advice written by psychologists: these pieces of advice will give you some information about how tobacco affects your body and your brain, and will show you how to fight it by enhancing your motivation.
    ● Share in social networks: the support of your friends and your family is a key factor to succeed in this struggle.
    ● Intuitive layout: designed from the very beginning, everybody can use YoPuedo in an easy and efficient way.

    If you go PRO, you will also enjoy these advantages:

    ● No ads: you will be able to remove ads once and for all.
    ● Panic button: you will get the help you need to avoid relapse.
    ● More goals: you will get new goals to achieve and share with your friends.

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