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    Consolidate and harmonize medical data from any EMR and make it easy to understand and useful.
    Genomics - First time in healthcare – integration of clinical and genomic data to make pharmacogenomics simple and easy to understand and useful for everyone. This will make reports from genome sequence companies useful to the patient, for personalized treatment programs and drug selection.

    Reminders – complete redesign of reminder feature. Now, set reminders for APPOINTMENTS and medications. Helps you take your medications on time and track your adherence.

    Consolidate Your Medical Records - Upload medical records from different hospitals or doctors or labs into your ZibdyHealth account and consolidate all of your medical data at one place so you can access and share the information with anyone, anytime and anywhere.

    Lab Test - Store all your lab tests in one place. It lets you merge labs tests from any source and chart long term trends.

    Asthma Care Plan - Manage and optimize the treatment of your asthma. It allows users with asthma to record their symptoms, daily peak flow, and medication usage in a convenient manner. This can be shared between a child's physician, parents and the school nurse thus creating a nice bridge.

    Transition of Care - Creates a bridge between healthcare provider and the outside world to make sure information is transferred accurately.

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    Medication List - Do you still carry all of your medications to your doctor's appointment in a bag? It is time to create a medication list and keep it up to date with ZibdyHealth's barcode scanning feature with over 1.5 million prescription or over the counter (OTC) medications, and supplements.

    Caregiving - ZibdyHealth’s makes it easier for patients to connect and share their information with anyone. It allows a caregiver to help persons who are not technology savvy even if they live around the world. You can remotely login into a shared account and monitor medication compliance or setup reminders. Video -

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    Drug Interactions - Each time a medication is scanned with ZibdyHealth, it provides drug-drug interaction or overdose warnings against the user’s current medication list.

    Report - Generate a report of your complete or partial medical history for your next doctor visit.

    Family Medical History - Knowing family medical history helps one to take preventive steps and get screened early. This can make a life and death difference in case of cancer (Breast/ Ovarian/Prostate) and heart disease.

    Here are some more ways ZibdyHealth can help.
    -Track and get up to 4 reminders for each children’s vaccine.
    -Track allergies, and vitals.
    -Store doctor and insurance information.
    -Record your response to the medication.
    -Control the information that is shared. You decide - what you want to share, who you want to share with and how much you would like to share.

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    Why do we need these permissions?
    Camera – Scan barcodes.
    Address Book – The only time we connect with it is when you invite someone using your address book. No other information is ever sent to our computers.
    Location – To connect you to country specific drug database.
    Find Account – To make push notification work properly.

    ZibdyHealth works on Web, Amazon Fire, Apple App Store or Google Play!

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