55 Tips for Sprucing Up Home

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    55 Tips for Sprucing Up Home

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    55 Tips For Sprucing Up Your Home When It's Time To Sell!

    Here is a sneak preview of what you will learn inside...

    ★ An easy way to liven up the outside appearance of your home with flowers. Hint: Not all colors are created equal!

    ★ The insider's secret to boosting the selling price of your home by 4-5%.

    ★ How to keep your pets from ruining your lawn.

    ★ Warning! Your shrubs may be making your house look small and less than perfect. Learn how to eliminate this problem before it costs you a buyer.

    ★ What master carpenters do when they need to fix a railing - and how you can do it too.

    ★ How to transform old rickety shutters into glorious centerpieces of your home's outward appeal.

    ★ What the pros do when they need to some major touch up painting.

    ★ A little-known trick that will help you sell your house faster. Simple, but infinitely important.

    ★ Warning! The entryway to your home is where your prospective buyers will take a moment to knock on your door and introduce yourselves. Here is how to make sure your entryway can live up to their expectations.

    ★ 6 vital questions to ask yourself when cleaning the exterior of your house.

    ★ How to remove clutter and increase the perceived value of your home on the inside.

    ★ An amazing fact about surface space and how to make sure you have it.

    ★ 4 tips for removing smells from your home by attacking them at the source. NOT covering them up with potpourri or air fresheners.

    ★ How to make prospective buyers envision moving in and not remodeling your house!

    ★ 3 tips to show your house is baby friendly.

    ★ The difference between an "old home" and a "classic home." And how to make sure your home is the latter.

    ★ How to make your home look crisp, sharp, and vibrant with light.

    ★ Why you should think twice about painting the walls in your house anything other than white.

    ★ What pros decide when thinking about your carpet. You may or may not need to replace it.

    ★ What NEVER to leave out in the open when showing your home.

    ★ What interior decorators consider when adding flowers to your home. Make sure you obey these rules.

    ★ When to open up the windows - and when to keep them closed. Ignore these rules at your own risk.

    ★ 4 essential "nit-picking" elements to remember when cleaning your house. If you don't notice, prospective buyers will.

    ★ When you want your home to stick out among the others, here's a safe way to make a great impression.

    ★ 3 primary goals for preparing each room for house-seekers.

    ★ An inexpensive way to improve the look of your kitchen without going overboard.

    ★ 4 things you can do for your cupboards instead of replacing them. Save this major expense with a little common sense.

    ★ How to easily make your kitchen appear larger and easy to work in.

    ★ How to easily create an "instant" center island.

    ★ How to add extra spice to your cabinets.

    ★ How to increase the appeal of your kitchen with lights.

    ★ 3 questions to ask yourself when deciding if you should replace your bathroom fixtures.

    ★ Warning! Your bathroom may suffer from moisture damage. Here's how to find and fight this fatal problem.

    ★ 6 questions to ask yourself about your bathroom plumbing.

    ★ The secret to preparing your bedrooms for potential buyers.

    ★ The secret to using mirrors to make rooms look larger than they really are.

    ★ A little-known secret for taking the squeak out of your floorboards.

    ★ and much, Much More!

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