Adventure Sports: Sailing

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    There is so much to love… and to learn… about sailing. While sailing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, it requires you to be attentive and participate at all times. This app will not only help you to become familiar with all aspects of sailing, but can serve as a handy reference when you’re out on the water as well. Learning to sail can be a fulfilling hobby that brings a great sense of accomplishment as you tame the wind and the water!

    Learn practical tips such as basic sailing terms, choosing your first boat, reading weather and water conditions, sailing safety, sail control, anchoring, navigation, and more. You’ll never capsize with the Adventure Sports Sailing app!

    Content includes:
    - Essential Safety Tips
    - Beginner Basics
    - How to read Weather and Water Conditions
    - Navigation techniques
    - Gear/Equipment Advice
    - Pro Tips & Tricks
    - … and more!

    App Features:
    - Easy to use UI and navigation
    - Browse and search functions
    - Highlight functions
    - Save your favorite passages and bookmark sections
    - Share with friends and family via social media and email
    - Adjustable brightness and text size – read it whenever/wherever
    - All offline content – no internet connection needed!

    Get ready for the adventure of sailing today!

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