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    - This is donation version app. There isn't advertisement.
    - You have to check normal version app before donate this app. Because it doesn't work on some Android device.
    normal version
    - This is not legal donation, you can't get tax incentive.
    - If you turn on camera flashlight constantly, it might be broken, it's depend on the device. (e.g. Galaxy Tab) Use this app at your own risk.
    - I will not be responsible for any damages for LED light, and anything to happend to use this app.

    This is a simple flashlight. You can use this in the dark. You can easily set color and brightness on screen. Support some camera flashlight too.

    This is useful for these situations.
    - When you don’t want to wake your boyfriend/girlfriend up.
    - When you looking for something in a dark closet.
    - When you forgot a flashlight in camp.
    - When a power failure.
    - You don't know why, but when you are trapped in the darkness. :)

    - 'Hardware controls' - 'Take pictures and videos', 'Control flashlight'
    This app uses this to turn it on / off of the light with camera preview. Some phone doesn't work without preview. This app doesn't take pictures and videos.
    - 'System tools' - 'Prevent phone from sleeping'
    This app uses this to disable the auto-sleep.
    - 'Network communication' - 'Full internet access', 'View network state', 'Market license check'
    This app uses this to check new version.
    This app uses this to get latest information to detect 'Camera Light Solution' automatically.
    This app also uses this to check market license.

    - Camera light doesn't work on some phones.
    You can try all solutions. 'Preference' -> 'Camera Light Solution'
    When you choise '- with Preview' at 'Camera Light Solution', you can change 'with Preview Latency' to big number. It might work. Because it's for latency setting for camera preview.
    When you find right choise for 'Camera Light Solution', please send me the report.
    - Widget is only for 'the camera light'.
    If you use the widget, please install this app on the internal storage. Don't install this app on the external storage. 'external storage' means SD card, etc.
    1. Home buttom -> Menu buttom -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications -> aFlashlight -> Move to phone
    2. Reboot android. Or uninstall app and install it again.
    - If you use 'the screen light' or start app, please add app shortcut on the home screen.
    - If you can't uninstall this app, You can remove this app by following things.
    1. Connect USB cable with PC.
    2. Remove the file '.android_secure/smdl2tmp1.asec' on SD card.

    [Known bugs]
    - When add the widget on the home screen, the widget is not updated. (If you push it, it will be updated.)
    - The widget will not respond in rare cases. (Please re-add the widget.)

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