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    Record your daily agenda in your Android!
    Agenda Daily is a free app which is to track your daily life. With it, you can write down you daily task, note, appointment here. You will never fear that it will miss some important appointments. Your every day life will be in a good order.
    1. Appointments: With it you can add and create you appointment. How to add an appointment? Add a subject, choose a start date and start time. If you want it to repeat, there are several types for you to choose, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. If you want to choose to alarm, it will warn you when the time comes. So that for your every appointment recorded here, you will not have the possibility to miss.
    2.What will you do or have to do for a day? Do you have the fear that you will forget one or some? Why not record it here and do it one by one?
    Task for you to record what are going to do for one day. A subject is also needed. Please mark the priority if you like so that you can know the important of the task by one glance.
    3,Notes: What is your feeling today? Let have a mood diary here. If you feel not happy or meet something that makes you feel very desperate and have a great impulse want to give it event, write down your emotions here. If you are in high spirit, why not record it here and let us it become your sweet memory.
    4.Click the menu, there are some shortcuts for new appointment, new task, new note.
    5.If there are some due tasks, you can view it by show due tasks.
    6.Options: here it is available for you to set the first day (Monday or Sunday). 24 hours mode or not? set your favorite one.
    7.You can set more: Time Zone or know more about us.
    8. If you want to know more about us you can click the button "about" on the main screen.
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    IF you have any question, please tell us by sending an email.
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