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    AIRS is the most comprehensive lifelogging platform for Android, recording a large variety of phone-internal and attached physiological sensors, such as the Zephyr HxM pulse monitor. Recording such data can serve many purposes, e.g. monitoring your physical activity or memorising your latest holiday (check out for examples).

    You can enjoy your local recordings directly on your mobile with our Storica application (, processing and visualising the information as engaging digital stories, maps with flyover effects and a context-enriched media gallery.

    THIS SOFTWARE IS NO SPYWARE!! You ARE under full control over any data that is gathered!

    In local mode, data is stored in a secure SQlite database, while the remote mode connects to your own Windows-based application server. You can download the server from http://sourceforge/projects/nors.

    To simplify configuration, AIRS supports templates. You only need to configure once, save the settings as a template and start it from a launcher screen shortcut. You can have different shortcuts for different settings, easily switching recording scenarios! AIRS is battery-optimised, allowing for recording all day, and you can optimise battery consumption through the configuration!

    You can find an online manual at, providing a list of sensors, making permissions more obvious. If you have doubts about any permission, please send us an email instead of rating down or commenting badly - AIRS is NOT a spy-tool!!

    The AIRS source code is available at where you can inspect how we obtain the data. We also provide developer information at

    A special thanks goes to Dana Pavel ( She provided invaluable input into major design decisions and included her Java-based desktop software into the AIRS Github distribution. This software parses AIRS text files and inserts the values into a MySQL database on your desktop. With this, you can implement own visualizations!

    Please provide feedback by sending us an email! Or follow us on Twitter at @tecvis

    Please rate our app on the market to spread the word!

    All permissions are required due to the monitoring nature of the programme. No ads or other connected services, apart from the optional application server, are utilized. No data leaves the mobile without you explicitly uploading locally recorded values or explicitly connecting to the application server (which you need to install separately).

    The permissions as included in the manifest file:

    READ_CALENDAR: for CA sensor

    READ_CONTACTS: show contact names in IC, OC, SR sensors

    READ_PHONE_STATE: read IMEI for remote sensing authorization

    PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS: capture outgoing phone numbers

    WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: write sensor values to database

    ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION: for cell identifier information

    VIBRATE: use vibrator service for button widgets and watchdog function

    WAKE_LOCK: optional wake-lock for wifi scanning or permanent sensing

    ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: obtain information about connected to wifi or cellular

    READ/RECEIVE_SMS: obtain received & sent SMS info

    BLUETOOTH: perform BT discovery

    BLUETOOTH_ADMIN: enable BT programmatically, if wanted by user

    BATTERY_STATS: read battery stats

    ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: obtain various GPS information

    RECORD_AUDIO: record environmental noise level

    ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: allow for scanning wifi

    CHANGE_WIFI_STATE: change wifi to on, if wanted by user

    INTERNET: enable connectivity for remote sensing mode

    GET_TASKS: get list of running tasks (sensor 'TR')

    ACCESS_LOCATION_EXTRA_COMMANDS: control A-GPS reloading option

    GET_ACCOUNTS: set Google Drive account

    RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: set timer for uploads after boot

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