[Alarm4Me - alarm for me]
    Playing music, speaking memo at set time. Snoozed by voice and phone shaking.

    Alarm4Me first release
    Saturday, March 19, 2011 (Saturday)

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    Have a happy day today with this app. Thanks a lot.

    * Check on vibration and set alarm volume on 0 for only vibration.

    *** About App Access Permissions ***
    * If you are under Android 6.0 (marshmallow), and you do not want app permissions to be automatically granted, you can use the [View Perm] button to uninstall the app.
    * Over Android 6.0(marshmallow)
    - You can access the access privilege guide screen by using [App Permission Settings] item in the menu.
    - You can change the permissions by using Permission button on the screen by pressing [View Perm] button but if you do not allow the required permissions, the app will be unavailable.
    [ Selective access permissions ]
    1. File, Save : It is necessary to set the music etc. of the storage device as an alarm sound.
    2. Audio Record(Mic) : Needed for speech recognition.
    3. Phone : When receiving a call, it is necessary to pause the alarm.

    - Default language: English basic, Korean added
    - Basic alarm sound (Saemaul song)
    - Alarm reservation
    - Alarm name
    - one-time alarm
    - Select day
    - Alarm music selection
    - Alarm volume selection
    - Snooze setting (0 to 10 minutes)
    - Vibration setting
    - memo input, speaking
    - Snooze voice recognition (5 minutes, etc.) - If the alarm volume is large, normal operation may be difficult.
    - Shake your phone to apply snooze (set the number of shakes)
    - Snooze function Requires WAKE_LOCK permission for normal operation (Disable power saving function at alarm)
    - Show clock
    - Show remaining snooze time
    - Pause alarm when phone comes
    - Return to original media volume after alarming
    - Developer blog shortcut
    - Go to Google Play
    - Sorting alarm list (ascending time)
    - Status bar notification duration setting (Continue (0 sec), 10 sec)

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