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    Time is an abstract notion for kids. Telling your child "You've got 10 minutes to get dressed!" doesn't mean a thing, and things always get done at the last minute.

    I created this application for my 5-year-old to help her get ready for school in the morning. The fuss becomes fun, she is growing responsible of her own timing, and it even makes it easier to get out of bed. The graphic representation of each activity shows her how much time she has left and stimulates her to try and finish before the buzzer goes off. She always ends up doing everything faster than usual and even has some time for watching TV before we set off!

    Hope this helps you in the same way, until they learn to tell the time properly :) This application can also serve as a timer for every-day tasks like brushing teeth and doing homework.

    My main tester is only 5, so if you have any problems or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact me!

    Start the day with a smile!

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