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    Hard day at work? Unwind to the sounds of the jungle and escape from the world for while.
    Can't sleep, or can't get the baby to sleep? Then why not listen to the sea crashing on the shores or be soothed by the sound of crickets at night.
    Stressed out? Have a break and pretend you're in the countryside, away from your problems.

    Whatever the mood your in, Ambient Sounds has a large array of sounds to suit you. You can even mix different sounds together to create a personalised environment for you to relax in.

    INTERNET ACCESS IS FOR ADS. (not in full version)

    To use Ambient Sounds you first need to choose a category. Then press the speaker icon and choose the sound you want. Afterwards press on other sounds to add them to your sound and even choose sounds from different categories. The possibilities are endless! The sounds will play endlessly, so you can relax and enjoy yourself.
    Simply press the speaker icon again on any of the screens to play a different selection.
    There is now an option to get the app to exit automatically after 30 minutes.

    To make the most of Ambient Sounds you should plug your headphones into your phone/tablet, or even plug into your speaker system for the full effect!

    This version is only a sample of what Ambient Sounds has to offer! Buy the full version for 14 additional sounds and to remove the ads!

    Don't forget to rate and comment the app if you download it!

    [V1.0 Features]
    6 Soothing Sounds to try out.

    Easy to use interface that lets you play your sound in seconds.

    [V1.1 Additions]
    Fixed problem where sounds stopped playing after screen turned off.

    [V1.2 Additions]
    Fixed problem where screen would stay on if app was only paused.
    Fixed "Force Close" crash on most phones upon exit of app.

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