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    Stroke is the ultrasonic mosquito regressed. Acoustic Korea Research Institute of Bioscience Development) of the blood-sucking female mosquito breeding season tend to avoid male mosquitoes have been fabricated using. To the sound of wings of male mosquitoes that indicates the frequency of the 200 ~ 600hz. Sound comes through the speakers is enough to detect a bit of a man listening to music when playing the game to leave the Addo same effect. A lot of mosquito bites if someone higher up the volume even more effective enemy. Professional organizations and the success rate of 65 was tested at 2 m radius of the effect that there must have noticed. = Usage = deulrildeut maldeuthan people in your size, the volume of the run will be released. The closer the distance between mobile phones and others effect is large. 1. Run the application. Anti-mosquito comes out menu. 2. Anti-mosquito system, press the menu button. 3. Anti-mosquito operations in the background service is started. 4. Other work or cell phone is in sleep mode (turns off the LCD screen situation) continues to come in anti-mosquito system is working. (Continued anti-mosquito sound output) 5. When you want to turn down services to the notification window, click the Anti-mosquitoes service menu after entering the anti-mosquito anti-mosquito system, press the Stop button. == Best review (imaginary) == a lot of mosquitoes in my room was a mosquito jalmulrineun types of anti-mosquito applications Volume promised to not hear enough to reel one anmulryeoteoyo effect on mosquito bed freaking jjangindeut - dong X mossi -

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