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    Vedic Astrology Tool


    -Direction compass indicating vedic direction of death (Maru), the vedic auspicial direction for the current day and location

    -Sunrise and sunset times for current location

    -Planetary hour owners (hora) and Rahu Kalaya for any date with user-friendly indication of what the best activity to engage in during each astrological hour. This is calculated from sunrise to sunset. Rahu Kalaya is a period which overlaps one or more hours (generally 1.5 hours) and is inauspicious for doing things. This application calculates Rahu Kalaya correctly based on astronomical principles. Classic Rahu Kalaya indicates the common accepted time ranges, however this is incorrect.-Sidereal planetary positions for any date and time (Using Lahiri Ayanamsa/Precession angle)

    -Rahu Kalaya, sunrise, sunset and hora beginnings and endings are location dependent. This app uses the longitude and latitude of the phone's current location. This requires an active mobile data connection.

    -Generates KP horoscope (Krishanmoorthi/Placidian) cusps and and planetary positions (horoscope) along with constellations (nakath) for any given location and date/time with time zone/coordinate lookup.