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    National best e-Content award Nominee at e-Swabhimani 2012 .

    AXLO is targeted mainly for Sri Lankans and for those who like to visit Sri Lanka. People who live outside Sri Lanka can search locations in Sri Lanka through "Search" option in the main window.

    Comments :

    *****Great app. A must for all Sri Lankans !!!

    Really good app. Very useful. Points out a variety of locations accurately. Keep up the good work !

    *****This was a very important requirement for Sri Lankan smartphone users. It is quite accurate and highly useful as well.

    ****Neat App

    I wish users can enter new locations they know. As check ins perhaps. Which should be moderated. This will definitely expand the database. Hats off to the great work.


    AXLO Functionality :-

    AXLO will get the current user location and search nearby places/businesses according to user chosen category. There is a "Direct me" functionality which AXLO will suggest a suitable path for the user to get to that destination.

    There are 36 categories which we have listed out to publish in the first release of the app. Some of them as follow.

    Public services

    Railway stations
    Banks and ATMs
    Police stations

    Business profile categories

    Computer shops

    The application gives every business a chance to showcase their products and services to the customers through their own mobile portals. All registered businesses will have a web interface to update their information (Products, business description, contact info etc). Via AXLO businesses will have the ability to showcase any promotional deals also.

    There are two types of business profiles namely, Gold and Silver. Gold members will get a dashboard like mobile portal which they can show case their products, a gallery, deals etc ). Silver members will get a mobile portal which they will be able to show case their basic business information.

    AXLO will be great for Sri Lankans and tourists as a social service to find all public service locations within the country.

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