Baby Monitor / Baby Alarm




    One of the best and simplest Baby Monitor / Baby Alarm apps out there for any busy parent.

    Your can use your phone or tablet as a simple Baby Monitor / Baby Alarm. When your baby makes sounds you can receive an alarm as a phone call, text message or msn message.

    Other features and options:

    Play lullabies
    Music files or recordings of mum's voice can be played both before while the baby is going to sleep or when it has woken up.

    Automatic restart
    The baby monitor app may restart itself automatically after an alarm if you want to.

    Adjustable sound sensitivity.
    Its very easy to change the alarm sound level for when it should be triggered.

    Delay before start
    Give yourself time to leave the room.

    Talk with your baby using the phone
    When your baby has woken, your can talk and listen to it using the built-in speaker phone.

    Low power warning messages
    The app can send you a warning when it is running low on power. A good idea is always to use a power cord to avoid the battery problem completely.

    Remember, there is no substitute for actually checking your baby by yourself from time to time.

    This is trial version of Baby Monitor / Baby Alarm and after a few weeks some features will be limited. Buying the upgrade is cheap and the money is used to maintain this application.

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