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    “baby toi” is proud to present “baby rattle bab bab”, a mysterious toy that will calm a baby in seconds.

    What do you usually do when your baby is restless? If you don’t always have time to give your baby constant attention he/she demands, why not let the baby rattle bab bab comfort him/her for a while?

    【Main Features】
    ・The gentle sounds designed to operate at a frequency favored by babies.
    ・A colorful motifs that stimulate the curiosity of babies with attractive movements.
    ・Can be used anywhere by adjusting the volume.
    ・The size of each motif can be easily controlled, simply by pinching it with your fingers.
    ・Inverting the handset changes the motifs and sounds.
    ・ Both of the sounds and motifs change in the morning and at night to prevent a baby from getting bored.

    ・Turn off the manner mode before use.
    ・Effect varies between individuals.
    ・Mind the sound when using the rattle on public transport and in other public areas.
    ・Avoid using the rattle continuously for many hours or in the dark.
    ・Hold the rattle at a suitable distance from a baby.

    【Recommended Devices】
    ・800*480px, 854*480px or 960*540px screen devices

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