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    Your baby has always been a good sleeper, especially at naptime, but now is suddenly waking halfway through his the nap with a forceful cry. The cry is not the problem but it signals a problem that must be discovered. The Babywise Nap App is an analysis tool that can help any parent isolate the underlying cause of nap disruptions and sleep disturbances for infants between 2 to 12 months of age. By working through a few basic questions, the App reduces the hundreds of nap disturbance variables down to the most likely causes for a baby's sleep disturbance. Once the list is generated, the app offers the most appropriate solution based on the analysis from the data provided.

    Adapted from the best-selling On Becoming Babywise book, the Babywise Nap App comes with solutions proven successful for millions of children around the world.

    Along with the analysis feature, parents will find:

    - Basic nap and sleep facts
    - How healthy nap habits are developed
    - How many naps a day based on baby's age
    - How long each nap will be based on baby's age
    - Explanations of the most common sleep disturbances
    - How food and waketime activities influence nap behavior
    - How and when to drop a nap based on baby’s need and age
    - How to train a baby to sleep through the night

    The Babywise Nap App assumes a baby is on a well-established feed-wake-sleep routine, already sleeping through the night a minimum of eight hours, and has already established healthy nap patterns.

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    Ashley Little

    by Ashley Little

    Mar 29, 2016  |  "OK"

    I should have listened to the other reviews. If it was free, I wouldn't be as disappointed... Because I wouldn't have felt guilty deleting it immediately. There is nothing to this app... You can read through everything in about 20 min.

    Kira Knight

    by Kira Knight

    May 25, 2015  |  "Poor"

    Don't waste your money

    Keri Hamberg

    by Keri Hamberg

    Jan 12, 2014  |  "Poor"

    This app is text from the book copied and pasted in. Sadly, it really does not help you determine why your baby woke up. It is really the same list of reasons from the book. I love the ideas behind babywise and have followed it very closely. Unfortunately Babywise does very little outside of the book to help struggling parents. The website, "Chronicles of a Babywise" is much more helpful and free.

    Jessica Haagensen

    by Jessica Haagensen

    Jun 17, 2013  |  "Poor"

    We purchased and loaded it then says package data is invalid?? So unable to install.

    Malina Baker

    by Malina Baker

    Mar 01, 2013  |  "Poor"

    Not worth your money. All the solutions are the same for the different sleep problems. I needed help with my baby waking up early from night. It doesn't address that at all.