Bad Habits - How to Break Them

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    Bad Habits - How to Break Them

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    You are about to discover the information and strategy you need to free yourself from bad habits forever!

    Did you know that 45% of clients who seek a professional therapist drop out of therapy after two or three sessions?

    New Year’s resolutions usually fail. They don’t work because people jump into them without the right preparation.

    As I learned from my own experience, you can’t be successful in the action stage if you haven’t been successful in the preparation stage.

    And did you know that for every person who quits smoking by following a treatment program, there are almost twenty persons who quit on their own?

    Many people spend years telling themselves that they’re going to change “one day.” They spend years worrying about the problem instead of working on it.

    Maybe they’re waiting for the “perfect” weight-loss program, the “perfect” smoking-cessation program, or the “perfect” time to stop drinking. “I’ll change when the time is right.”

    How many times have you heard that one?

    In this special book, you’ll learn how to turn your life around!

    Here is what you will learn inside this book....

    # The six stages in the process of breaking bad habits

    # How to replace bad habits with a healthy new lifestyle

    # How millions of people have succeeded in breaking a bad habit

    # Why you have a better chance of freeing yourself from a bad habit by taking responsibility for your own program

    # Why successful preparation for change means that you set goals for yourself

    # Why change is not an event, but a process

    # Why most successful self-changers fail at least once before they succeed

    # Why willpower alone isn’t enough

    # Why quitting a habit cold turkey usually doesn’t work

    # Why a commitment to a more active lifestyle is one of the keys to breaking a bad habit

    # And a lot more!

    When you win the battle in your mind, it’s only a matter of time before you win the war against bad habits. The secret is to make change your No. 1 priority.

    You can’t win the war until freeing yourself from the habit becomes your highest priority.

    The solution is to accept responsibility for yourself, to realize that you can decide to take charge of your life.

    The key to freeing yourself from bad habits is to change your lifestyle. A total lifestyle change isn’t something that happens overnight.

    It happens one day at a time, and it starts when you begin to focus on the solution instead of the problem. Don’t be surprised if you’re not completely sure that you’re ready to break your habit. It’s not about quitting cold turkey.

    Forcing yourself to quit before you’re mentally and emotionally prepared usually backfires.

    Free yourself from bad habits forever by start reading this book!

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