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    Do you have a dog keeping you up at night with incessant barking? Are you always having to get up and make your pet quiet down? Is your relationship with you neighbors strained due to your pets behavior?

    If so, then you need to try Bark-Ninja!

    Once enabled, Bark-Ninja listens to ambient noise. When it detects noise above a configurable threshhold, Bark-Ninja triggers a response. There are 2 configurable responses.

    1) A dog whistle tone, which cab be configured for a frequency between 16khz -> 22khz. This is the frequency range that only dogs can hear effectively.

    2) A recorded response that will play whenever triggered.

    Hook up Bark-Ninja to an amplifier if you need more amplitude than your mobile phone speaker.

    Bark-Ninja is highly configurable, including settings for Whistle Duration, Sleep Duration post trigger, Whistle Frequency, Volume settings and Listen sensitivity.

    Bark-Ninja will also display a log of any triggers so you can see just how active Bark-Ninja has been overnight or while you are away.

    Why buy an expensive dedicated solution when Bark-Ninja can transform you phone into the same device with more features!

    **Please note, Bark-Ninja is not a tool to punish or hurt your pet. Use it as a distraction from Barking behavior.

    If you are going to hook Bark-Ninja up to an external amplifier or considering purchasing it for your phone, please check the frequency range of your speakers. Some speakers and amplifiers are not capable of delivering the high frequency required for the dog whistle function. The frequency range needs to be capable of up to 22khz for Bark-Ninja.

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