Soyfield or commonly known as Beano is your local favourite supplier of soy milk and bean curd in Singapore. You can get your delicious soya bean, soya milk and soy ice cream from us. We have a wide range of products and we also offer home and business delivery services.

    Founder, Alan spent over a year perfecting his secret soy milk formula which uses only premium certified non-genetically modified beans from Canada.

    Alan's soy milk is prepared with care every day at 3 am to ensure that it is fresh. Rich, thick and lightly sweetened, our soy milk contains no artificial flavoring and coloring, and is completely preservative-free. Best of all, our soy milk is double-boiled to retain the nutrients in the soybeans. The Beano bean curd is all this and more – it is curdled with natural fruit acid and does not contain any plaster of Paris. This is the reason our fans keep coming back for more to enjoy the smooth taste of the all-natural Beano soy milk and bean curd in our Singapore outlets.

    No chemical added in our soy product!

    For all those who love soy and beancurd product, this is the app to download!
    - Locate the Beano retail with the GPS function
    - Share reviews and read comments from other customers
    - Get free beancurd for your visit!
    - Capture and share the photos of favourite Beano product!
    - Contact Beano for delivery services to your home, office or business to business!

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