Becoming Vegetarian

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    The "Becoming a Vegetarian" app is the ultimate app for everyone who is looking to switch their diet to a vegetarian one. The app is jam-packed with useful advice, information and tips for everything you need to know about becoming a vegetarian.

    The app is split into several sections, each of which is filled with information and advice on a range of vegetarian topics.

    The first section of the app is called "Veggie Tips" and in here you will find a huge range of helpful information on topics such as ...

    ** How to not miss meat
    ** Benefits of Renting
    ** Little Secrets Vegetarians know
    ** Soup Skills of Vegetarians
    ** The Good of Vegetarianism

    ... and many other useful topics about vegetarian diet and lifestyle.

    The second section of the app is called "Veggie Advice" and in this section you will find a selection of useful advice and tips including things like ...

    ** The How of Vegetarianism
    ** The lifestyle of a vegetarian
    ** The Social Vegetarian
    ** The teenage vegetarian
    ** Vegetarians are NOT crazy

    ... and a number of other great pieces of helpful advice for everyone.

    The third section of the app is called "Veggie Videos" and in here you will find a selection of videos on topics including ...

    ** Tips on becoming a Vegetarian
    ** Easy vegetarian cooking recipes
    ** Vegetarian weight loss tips
    ** How to be a pregnant vegetarian

    ... and other interesting and educational video clips.

    The fourth and final section of the app is called "Veggie Recipes" and in here you will find a selection of 10 tasty and easy to prepare Vegetarian recipes including ...

    ** Artichoke Soup
    ** Cabbage Soup
    ** Bread and Cheese Savoury
    ** Cauliflower and Potato pie
    ** Mushroom cutlets

    ... and many other tasty recipes for vegetarians.

    This app is the perfect companion for anyone looking to take their first steps into the world of vegetarianism, and provides a wealth of useful and practical information.