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    Have you ever wondered how many Beers, Whiskey, Spirits, and Wine you had last night, the past week, or all-time?

    Beer Counter finally gives you the ability to keep track of your drinking by recording what you drank, the time, the date, and the size.

    Finally an easy way to count the number of beers whiskey, spirits, and wine!

    What's included?

    1. 100's of beers, wine, whiskey, and spirits at the touch of a button.

    2. If we don't have the drink your looking for, feel free to add it yourself!

    3. Keep track of the number of beers, whiskey, wine, and spirits easily.

    4. Records the time and date automatically each time you grab a drink.

    5. View your drinks from today, yesterday, last seven days, and all-time.

    6. Never lose your drink data. Ever. (Even if your phone breaks!)

    7. Unlimited access to the app. No limits!

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