Bereavement: Healing the Heart

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    Bereavement: Healing the Heart

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    Letting go of a loved one, even if you are prepared for it, is always a huge loss.Whatever emotions you are feeling, I hope that the techniques in this recording will help you say goodbye with love.

    This recording will guide you through the processes of :

    Healing the loss through love
    Forgiving the lost one, others, and yourself
    Taking small steps towards a new you
    Allowing your heart freedom and space
    Letting go of grief and guilt
    Coping nd preparing for what's next

    Bereavement: Healing Your Heart with Love

    What makes this program unique? I know most people don't have a lot of time these days For maximum benefit, you can listen to this program for 28 nights while going to sleep (like a lullaby). If you forget a day, then please go back and start counting at day one again. Enjoy this wonderful journey.

    Sadly, I've lost many people close to me over the past few years. The loss of my father affected me deeply. One of the last lessons my father taught me is to slow down. Nothing is worth rushing your life away.

    I realized when he passed away that in order to heal my loss, I had to forgive him for all the mistakes he had made. This wasn't easy. Finally I got to the point where I was able to say, "I forgive you... please forgive me... and wherever you are, all I wish now for you is peace and love." Through forgiveness, I have found peace.

    Whatever emotions you are feeling, I hope that the techniques in this recording will help you say goodbye, move through the pain, and emerge to live your best life.

    Joyce T. Alexander has a Master's degree in psychology. She is also an NLP Master Practitioner and a hypnotherapist. As an intern she has worked with the YMCA, and provided stress-management solutions to the top studios in Hollywood, California.

    "Dealing with death has taught me how to live fully. Yet, when someone leaves you, there are no easy answers. It takes time to heal and to allow yourself to really feel it. Learn to live the life you are meant to live, and unlock the passion that is inside of you."


    Please do not listen while driving.

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    Music produced by Leigh Spusta

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