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    Bored of friends’ routine, parties, drinks and dancing? Feel like making new friends? Do you want to brag somewhere in your skills of "great lady-killer", "love expert", “femme fatale” or "Casanova"? So ... this network is for you!

    Best in Bed is the new social network for those who want to share with the world how well "ranked" are they by their peers in love issues and are always looking for new experiences in love. In the style of the usual social networks, contacts and meet new friends, potential romantic partners with whom sharing new experiences and measure your performance. Rate and comment to other members you've met and go climbing in the ranking of the 10 best in love in your own network of contacts among all users of the application. Measure your ability of conqueror ... and you will really know if you really are as good as you think!

    Download now Best in Bed and explore your city in search of romance ... or improve your reputation as the best Don Juan!

    - Enters Top Ten ... the 10 gurus of the maximum pleasure using the application!
    - Look at the list of all users of the application, you can search for anyone by name. Meet someone and test how good you can be in bed with him / her ... then discuss it.
    - Share what you're doing at any time: write on your wall and uses geolocation to let others know what you do and where ... and with whom you're enjoying the moment!
    - Accepts requests from other users who want to be your friends.
    - Add your information and a photo for others to see and contact you. Edit it at the time you want.
    - Keep the list of your friends handy and get them by name. Check the list of the 10 best in bed among all your friends.
    - Invite your friends who are not already in the network to register ... so they know how good they are in bed!
    - Rate and comment on how good are your contacts as lovers. Look at the ratings and reviews that others have given. Recommend male friends and girlfriends to others to meet each other, exchange tips. Maybe even they will end up proving which one is the best in bed!
    - Seek the users of the application by country, city, gender or preferences.

    With "Best in Bed" say goodbye to those boring, monotonous days and nights, with nothing new in love ... and plan your next encounter with bold and unapologetic people to know who is the best of all conquerors!

    Enjoy and recommend to others this stunning, original, bold and spicy application essential on your favorite Android device!

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