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    The goal of TheBible Companion App (The BCA) may be summed up in one word - consistency. The BCA includes basic tracking, consistency meters, daily/weekly/monthly progress charts, an activity and community wall.
    Points are earned you log chapters and time events. These points may be donated to various aspects of mission work to influence missional support. The BCA does not contain the Scriptures; rather, it is a tool designed to help you be more consistent in reading the Word, prayer and other major activities of the Christian life, such as reflection, Bible study, and community. When using the BCA, you join a worldwide community of Bible readers.

    Features include:
    * Over 30 charts, meters, & gauges to help track Christian-based activities
    * Daily, weekly, and monthly charts track chapters logged and time-based events
    * Various line charts, bar charts, pie charts provide feedback on activity consistency
    * Select and display goal gauges from six different activities
    * Goal activities include chapters read, prayer, reflection, community, Bible study, & additional reading
    * Activity log provides text-based report over the past 14-days
    * Old Testament & New Testament progress meters display book progress and last date read
    * A community wall displaying activities of groups or one to one connections.
    * Credits for reading and consistency that can be used to influence missions.
    * Training tutorials for how to use the app are available at

    Note: This app is for Android phones 5.0 or above. The BCA is NOT designed for Android tablet use.

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