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    Published: 2014-04-16, by .

    Don't let your bills get the best of you, put them all into just one app - for SE Asia and Australia

    • Keep track of your bill paying
    • No more paper bills
    • Have to provide a lot of personal information
    • Only for SE Asia

    "Manage those bills! Manage them, I say!"

    Do you have bills? You are reading this >> you are a human >> yes, you do! (bots, the door is this way) Are you located in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Sri Lanka, UAE, the Philippines, or Indonesia? Well then! GreenPost is the app you've been waiting for all your bill-paying life.

    Connect the app to the various utility bills in your life using your online accounts. It will automatically grab and organize your data, letting you know what you need to pay now and what you've paid in the past. If you've been cranking that aircon, the numbers might hurt, but beautiful organization will sweeten the sting. Tons of the top service providers in SE Asia are linked into the app, including Telcos, Utilities, Clubs, and so on. Never deal with the hassle of outdated paper bills again.

    Okay, so handing over the passwords of your online bill-paying accounts is semi-sketchy. However, there are a ton of people who use this app, and one assumes if they were into fraud on such a wide scale, SOMEone would have waved a flag by now. One supposes. One hopes.

    It's also only good for SE Asia, so there's that.

    If you're willing to feed it all your data, GreenPost will keep you free from the tyranny of paper bills.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Apr 16, 2014


    Managing too many paper bills is a hassle on its own. Receiving them, arranging, comparing and paying them are nothing short of painful when you don’t have e-billing options or one-stop mobile payment features. And trying to remember a bunch of usernames and passwords for multiple service providers makes the task even more difficult. Fortunately, managing your bills does not have to be such mammoth of a task with GreenPost.

    GreenPost’s one-stop bill management app enables you to manage your bills from anywhere at any time. It retrieves, stores, arranges and pays all your bills on one single platform which you can access from an iPad, iPhone or any android device easily even while on the go. There is no need to scribble down a long list of usernames and passwords either as only one is needed to access all your bills. Its smart reminder features helps you to avoid spending extra because of late fees. Besides, as all your bills are stored and archived in one place, you can easily compare them and catch if there is any issue with the amount. And all this is for free!

    Become a part of the environmentally responsible greenbill movement that more and more billers are joining every day. Services are available across India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Sri Lanka, UAE, Philippines & Indonesia.

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