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    This app can help you to calculation payment in Dutch treatment.
    (※ergo the unit of account is “¥”.)

    Simple design and easy operation with this Dutch treatment calculation.
    When it’s the time to pay the bill after drinking or BBQ, you’ll find the app can help you indeed.

    This app can calculate with appointed unit of account,
    you can make the handy app into practical use!

    It can help you a lot under various circumstances.


    For basic usage, you can simply tap on “Participants” and “Amount in total” to work it out.

    Unit setting
    Default setting is \100.
    The small change under \100 will be rounded up.
    If the go-Dutch amount needs to be correct to \1, please enter Unit and select\1.
    If you are bother to calculate small change, you can use approximating Dutch treatment by setting the unit as \1,000. This can help you more often.

    Special payment
    By using special payment,
    you can make the payment under various ways like female pay less, boss pay more, and fresher pay a certain amount of money.
      Fraternity, sodality, alumina association, welcome party, glee feast

    Calculating function
    Because it can do basic calculation during inputting numbers
    so it can be used to do accurate calculation for miscellaneous things in BYO parties!
      BYO parties held in your home, BBQ, Trip (Cost on car rent, gas and other transportation fee) and the like

    Press Menu button on cell pone
    「Help」:how to use the app.
    「Clear」:default to initial status
    「more apps」:other apps from the team
    「feedback」:questions and comments to the app

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    Please let us know the problem, your phone model and version of Android you use. We are trying our best to solve the problems of our products and services to further improve it. Thank you for your support.

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