Billings CPC




    We seek to glorify God, as individuals, as a team, and as a ministry. We are committed to the purposes for which the clinic was founded, which include the clear proclamation for the protection of the unborn human life and the deed of providing practical help to individuals faced with unplanned pregnancies.

    We desire to emulate Christ in thought, word, and deed, honoring the headship of Christ as we participate with, depend on, and obey his teaching in leading this ministry.

    We want to encourage spiritual growth in ourselves, in everyone whom we touch and in everyone whom the ministry of the clinic touches.

    We seek to model servant leadership, equipping, supporting, and loving our co-workers and our constituents.

    We desire irreproachable integrity in our words and deeds, delivering what we promise, being good stewards of what we have been given, and adhering strictly to Biblical principles and teaching in all that we do.

    Seeking to share with generosity what we have received, we desire to foster greater outreach, to reach more men, women and children with practical help and the evangelistic message that is the core of our ministry.

    We seek to preserve and foster compassion in what we do and what all representatives LaVie do.

    We want to be used by God to help heal hearts and change lives, including our own.

    We yearn for unity in the body of Christ and desire to preserve and nurture unity where it exists and encourage and cultivate it where it doesn't exist.