See your Biorhythm and that of your friends on your home screen.

    Give a score to your day and discover how your rating relates to your biorhythm.

    People believe that there are certain cycles known as 'Biorhythm'. It is worthwhile to look deeper into your biorhythm or your inner clock. It could explain why at one moment we feel more capable than at other times.

    Our inner clock not only affects the body but also mind and emotions. Your personal biorhythm determines your daily functions, and the state of the biorythm curves depends on the amount of days lived.

    - Biorhythm: graphical representation of Physical, Emotional and Intellectual curves
    - Personalized widget on homescreen
    - Diary: record per day your rating with comments
    - import and export of scores
    - App calculates correlation between your score and biorhythm score
    - Persons Database: save people with birthday
    - Target Date defaults to today
    - Target date can be changed via touch screen

    Available in English and Dutch.
    Internet connection only used for ads.

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