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    Health HAPPENS 24hrs a day, and so should your app.
    Discover and follow new eating lifestyles that you will LOVE.

    Bustin' Jeans (BJ) simplifies finding a new eating lifestyle by bringing together the best gluten-free, raw food, lactose-free, low-carb, and other eating habits into a beautiful, simplified, portable experience.

    See and track every eating lifestyle in one place -- Share, Like, and LOVE food posts on Facebook and Twitter. Play videos in YouTube from Kitchen Aid, or learn how to use that food processor for your next 'raw food' binge. Either way, you're on the RIGHT track.

    Scroll through gluten-free, raw, low-carb, and many more recipes and lifestyles from the BEST hand-picked publishing outlets like Gluten-Free Girl, The Healthy Apple, David Lebovitz, Kalyn's Kitchen, Serious Eats, Skinny Taste, and The Kitchn; all of whom WE LOVE.

    Regular lifestyle updates from multiple sources mean you will never miss a beat for ideas on any meal, any time of the day!

    Bring 100's of interesting eating lifetstyles... in your pocket, everywhere you go. Find inspiration for your next meal. It’s the one thing to simplify your daily eating lifestyle.

    You’ll be amazed by what you see!
    NOTE: This app is optimized for smartphones in portrait mode, not tablets.

    ★ Health HAPPENS 24hrs a day, and so should your app. Silently get fresh gluten-free, raw, and other specialty eating lifestyle content as frequent as 24 times daily.

    ★ Be impressed by the best food photographers that show you how that soup is REALLY supposed to look :-)

    ★ Be inspired, as constantly updated top food lifestyle content comes directly to you.

    ★ Search for any new lifestyle - vegan, soups, smoothies, gluten-free, organic, and more, in a beautifully designed pocket magazine format.

    ★ Share your new lifestyle across the top social networks on a beautifully integrated Socialize(TM) platform.

    ★ Get a quick snapshot of what people are making and eating now.

    ★ Learn about honorably mentioned photographers that make your cravings possible.

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