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    This widget allows you to track your blood alcohol while you drink. You enter your gender and weight, setup up the drinks you're going to be drinking and then just click the icon each time you get a drink.

    How much alcohol is in your drink?
    Glass of wine is usually 5 ounces and 12% alcohol, the alcohol is mixed through the entire volume so the 5 ounces is the volume

    Beer often in 12 ounce cans or bottles, pints are 16 ounces. Like wine the alcohol is mixed throughout the entire drink so the volume to enter is the 12 or 16 or whatever the drink volume is.

    Shots are small a ture measure is 1.5 ounces, but it's very common to get an over pour here. The distance between the white line mease and top of a shot glass is another .5 ounces (33% more than you thought) The alcohol is mixed throughout the volume.

    Now the tricky stuff, mixed drinks like Jack and Coke, a manhattan, a martini, etc. These drinks have a mixer. The mixer is non-alcoholic so none of its volume counts, it's the shot they pour into the mixed drink that matters, so like shots, most mixed drinks are 1.5 ounces of alcohol.

    *** I hope to put some better guidance in the tool, but with mobile apps space is at a premium.

    Track as many people and your home scrrens will allow for. Setup up to 3 drinks per person you track.

    When setting up the drinks, remember these tips:
    1. Proof is twice the percentage of alcohol; 80 proof = 40% alcohol.
    2. Most American beers are about 5% alcohol. Most say on the side of the bottle or can.
    3. Most wines are 12% alcohol, but again check the label.
    4. A shot or a mixed drink, Jack n Coke is 1.5 ounces of alcohol.
    5. Wine is usually 5 ounces
    6. Can and bottles of beer are typically 12 ounces, but it's always marked on the label.
    7. Pints are usually 16 ounces.

    Now on the setup screen, you can share teh BAC Widget with your friends via SMS, EMail or even Facebook.

    Time to sobriety
    Just under the BAC value you will see sober when your BAC = 0 or the estimated time when you will reach 0.
    Color coded BAC
    Red is legally drunk >= .08
    Blue is impaired >= .02
    Green is < .02
    Display time of last drink

    National averages show that a healthy liver can metabolize (get rid of) .015 BAC per hour. You may be lucky and metabolize more or sadly, metabolize less.

    If you do get pulled over, this application is no defense and the officer doesn't care what it says. The application uses tusted formulas for estimating your BAC, but only a blood test can tell for sure.

    Drinking and driving is dangerous and illegal. Most states have a legal threshold of .08 BAC. That means you are legally drunk; but you can be under the influence with far less alcohol. Most experts note that 0.0% BAC is the only safe driving level. Drink Responsibly.

    Give me ideas and we'll see what we can do.

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