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    This is a showcase app intended for our clients to get a better idea of what sort of apps we develop.

    We create Android & iOS apps for business, institutions and for other profit and non profit organizations. Our aim is to enhance your business and your brand image. We help you to generate revenue for your business through our apps.

    This is how our app works-

    1) Introduction:

    We give a brief introduction to your business.

    2) Location:

    We provide location of your business in Google maps, including multiple locations

    3) Push notification:

    This is one of the main services which will be an added advantage to your business .here you can sent message to customers. Suppose you have a new product, by sending push notification customers are informed about the new product. Through push notification you can sent discount coupons, special offers this will in turn will increase your revenue.

    4) Chat facility:

    We integrate chat feature which will allow users to talk with you .This is one of the best way the customers can give feedback about your business. Chat facility allows you to built a customer relationship which will allow you retain customers.

    5) More features:

    This include email, link to your website, call us option which will lead directly to dial pad and more...

    Right now we are working only for android devices, soon iPhone and iPad will be included.

    For further inquiries contact us at: