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    The program is designed to set alarm for the beginning of Brahma Muhurta. Brahma Muhurta is special time period before dawn when energy of goodness prevails so it is the best time to wake up and meditate. Alarm is adjusted automatically each day.

    The calculations are carried out according to the rules of Vedic Astrology - Jyotish (see Muhurtha (Electional Astrology) by Bangalore Venkata Raman and articles by Sanjay Rath).

    Ashtanga Hridaya Samhita says: "brahme muhurta uttisthet svastho raksartham ayusah" which means “awake during the Brahma muhurta for preservation of your health and life itself.” Because of it's positive energy Brahma Muhurta provides best conditions for meditation and other spiritual practices.


    Every day of the week is governed by certain planet. There is a special mantra dedicated to each planet. Chanting planetary mantras helps one to live in harmony with universe.

    Stressing right syllables:

    Om NamO BhagavatE RAmachAndraya;
    Om NamO BhagavatE VAsudEvaya;
    Om NamO BhagavatE NarasImhadEvaya;
    Om NamO BhagavatE BUddhadEvaya;
    Om NamO BhagavatE GUrudEvaya;
    Om NamO BhagavatE ParashurAmaya;
    Om NamO BhagavatE KUrmadEvaya;

    Capital letters indicate stressed syllables.
    Stressed syllables are highlighted in application.


    - Calculating time of sunrise, sunset and Brahma Muhurta for any given location and date.
    - An alarm clock for Brahma Muhurta that adjusts automatically each day
    - Displaying planetary mantras for each day of the week
    - Using location services (GPS or mobile networks) to get current device location.

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