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    In the fight against rape and sexual abuse, bSafe provides pioneering features as voice alarm activation, live streaming and automatically audio and video recording.

    You can simply activate the SOS button by voice even if your mobile phone is placed inside your pocket, purse or jacket. You don’t need to press the SOS button. Your guardians (friends and family) will receive an audio alarm and get your location. They can see and hear everything that is happening in real-time through live streaming. Both audio and video is automatically recorded and instantly sent to Your and Your guardians cell phones; Therefor no information is lost, even if the perpetrator destroys your cell phone.

    bSafe has additional features Follow me where you can ask your friends and Ffmily to follow you home via the map at the cell phone.
    Fake Call can help you out of a threatning situation.

    Sandra S, USA:
    I love this app! It gives me and my girlfriends peace of mind everywhere we go. Love knowing I have all my friends with me whenever and wherever I need them

    Frida O, Norway:
    This is hands down my favorite app! I live in a pretty safe area, but my girlfriends and I always use bSafe when we go out. Since we are all each other’s bSafe Friends, someone is less likely to get ditched, and we can easily walk home alone safely

    Zoya S, UK:
    This app does one amazing thing for me every single day: it gives me the confidence to feel safe in doing the things I love to do. Thank you, bSafe, for giving me peace of mind

    Mercedes M, USA:
    With bSafe my husband doesn’t have to worry about me anymore – and neither do I! It’s the perfect app to get out the door and just do what you love to do every single day with peace of mind, knowing you are connected to anyone you care about!

    Camilla B, UK:
    This app is my personal hero. I have no problem walking by myself in heels to meet up with friends in the city now cuz they are always with me on bSafe. Thank you for creating this!!!

    Gigi Ibrahim, Egypt:
    It is so easy to use! I just tap the bSafe app, slide my phone into my pocket, and stay worry-free wherever I go.

    Danielle J, USA:
    I use bSafe every day! The interface is super fun and so easy to use. I always set up a timer for a Fake Call when I’m on blind dates. It’s the best exit strategy!

    Sandra H, Norway:
    We all have a friend who’s always running late for the girls’ night out. Well – I’m her. I love that now I can find my friends at a party when the music’s too loud for them to answer me

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