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    Build Rewarding Relationships

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    Accept yourself and others just as you are. Focus on your strengths and use your knowledge of people's personality preferences to avoid conflicts and power struggles.

    Understanding your personality type and those of your loved-ones and co-workers will help you avoid arguments due to misunderstandings and let you get on with the business of building rewarding relationships that will stand the test of time.


    Section I: Start your assessment.

    • This 62-item TypeFocus Type Indicator has gained the respect of professional personality type practitioners because it has proven to be a reliable and valid assessment. It is the same indicator used by all our TypeFocus programs – it has not been watered down for this app.

    Section II: Understand Yourself

    • Personality Results – summarizes your unique results
    • Your Strengths – your results are related to your relationship strengths so you don’t have to know a lot about personality theory to make immediate use of these insights
    • Your Blind Spots – your results are tailored to understanding how your strengths may lead to blind spots in your relationships and how to overcome them
    • Your Four Letters – this is the theory behind your results – and is tailored to your specific results
    • Rewarding Careers – become aware of how your personality relates to job satisfaction
    • Results Don’t Fit? – explains why your results may not seem to be accurate and gives you options to correct it
    • Preference Graph – shows how “clear” your results are

    Section III: Understand Your Friends

    • Wheel of Questions – displays thought-provoking questions that are good ice-breakers when meeting someone new or great fun at a party with your friends.
    • Your List of Friends – lets you add your friends so now you can see where you are the same and where you are different and how to build rewarding relationships regardless of your results. This is your PAYOFF…rewarding relationships with your friends, family, co-workers and loved ones – more honest and accurate, less conflict and heartache.

    Section IV: Videos

    • Myths of Introversion – explains how introverts are unappreciated in our extroverted culture
    • TypeFlex – explains how to communicate with different personalities
    • Reframe – explains how to view differences as positive and build on those differences
    • Stages of Development – explains how we progress from frustration to appreciation of differences
    • How to Argue – regardless of personality there some ways of handling conflict that are more effective than others
    • How to Listen – probably the single most important relationship skill to develop
    • How to Apologize – everyone hurts their loved ones eventually – learn the most effective way to restore your relationship
    • Psychometrics – explains how we can say that our TypeFocus Type Indicator is trustworthy

    Section V: Share

    • The usual social media links are available so you can share with your friends, family, co-workers and loved ones.

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